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Vault Comics to Publish Brandon Sanderson’s Dark One

I discovered Brandon Sanderson just a year ago via a Humble Bundle that featured ebooks and audiobooks of both his Cosmere and non-Cosmere works. I very quickly fell in love with his story-telling and have slowly worked my way through his Cosmere novels. What separates

Image Comics Creators Own Worlds Humble Bundle Live Today!

Long time readers of Comic POW! know that I am a fervent advocate of DRM-free comics (and this news story). If you’ve seen the site evolve you’ve also seen my tastes evolve. While Marvel and DC continue to tell great stories and explore new characters

In Case You Missed it: Image Expo Edition

Lots of news and press releases come out in the summer because of all the conventions. Sometimes it slips through the cracks. Here are some announcements from Image Expo in July: INVINCIBLE: REBOOT I haven’t read Invincible yet, but I keep hearing good things about

Image Comics Wants All Your Money (July 2015)

Time once again to see what new comics or trades Image has coming out to take up our spending cash. First up is Self-Obsessed which is coming out 30 Sept. It’s by author Sina Grace and I’m pretty excited about this offering. He’s the writer

More Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 News!

I can now confirm that, barring any family emergencies, I’ll be covering Baltimore Comic-Con 2015! Just like last year, my intention is to do a combination of live-blogging and posts during and after the show. There will be some video this year as well, but

Baltimore Comic-Con Logo

Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 News

As always, I’m covering Baltimore Comic-Con! So here’s a roundup of the news so far! Some of the announced guests include: Steve Conley, who you may know from JLA-Z from DC Comics, Star Trek: Year Four from IDW, and Michael Chabon’s Amazing Adventures of the

Saga #9 - Stalk is back

Image Comics Nominated For Lots of Eisners

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Image Comics. So I was elated to hear they’d received lots of Eisner nominations. In fact, in many categories, there are multiple Image Comics nominees against each other.  What follows is a list of their nominations

Baltimore Comic-Con Logo

Baltimore Comic-Con Blitz

There’s only one more Wednesday between now and Baltimore Comic-Con!  (5-7 Sept) If you live nearby you REALLY should come. There are top talent creators coming, but without the over-crowding of New York Comic-Con. Here’s a blitz of Comic-Con updates to get you excited about

Comixology Backup

Comixology Now has DRM-Free Backups (With Caveats)

As I mentioned during the announcement of Top Shelf’s DRM-Free store, I really like Comixology’s patented Guided View way of viewing comics. It is the best way to view comics that weren’t made with the expectation of being digital (eg The Private Eye, Lil Gotham)

My Little Pony: Volume One

Comics on the Cheap

If you’re into digital comics and you’re on a budget, I’ve got two great pieces of news for you. The first is that comixology is doing a Summer Reading List giveaway. Each day, they’re giving away a different comic, completely free. Each free deal is

Nightworld Preview Featured Image

Image Comics Wants All Your Money Part 3

Time once again for a roundup of upcoming Images series so we can find out how Image Comics will get all our money. Wayward The subject-line for the press release for Wayward claimed, “The perfect new series for wayward Buffy fans.” I’m currently working my