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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Torchbearer: When Wall Street Finally Owns It All

The Occupy Wall Street protests started almost exactly 3 years ago. Three years before that, the irresponsible actions of the banks nearly caused the collapse of the Western World as incredible amounts of money simply vanished. Various governments poured money into the companies involved and

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 2: Cosplay Overload!

There were a few cosplayers out on Friday, but today they came out in droves! Lots of amazing costumes! I noticed a few trends this year. First, lots of gender-bending. Especially a lot of female Captain Americas. Second, lots of race/ethinicity bending. This is awesome

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 1 Recap

It was great to be back after missing out on last year’s Baltimore Comic-Con. The first day was great! It was nice to have it start on a Friday because it wasn’t too crowded. I met an indie comic creator, an indie manga creator, saw