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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Pow #1: Amazing Fantasy #15

Welcome to a new video feature appearing Mondays in which we take a look at Spider-Man starting from the very beginning.   Images used in the video: If the above video doesn’t load because the server is loaded, here’s the youtube upload: Spider-Man! from Amazing

She-Hulk Stands Strong

A few weeks ago She-Hulk made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. David Goyer, writer of the upcoming movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, made some truly indefensible and ignorant comments about her on the Scriptnotes podcast. He glibly insulted her by reducing

My Little Pony: Volume One

Comics on the Cheap

If you’re into digital comics and you’re on a budget, I’ve got two great pieces of news for you. The first is that comixology is doing a Summer Reading List giveaway. Each day, they’re giving away a different comic, completely free. Each free deal is

The Superior Experiment

Spider-Man is without a doubt the most popular and enduring character at Marvel Comics. Each month his title whether it is Amazing or Superior is the top selling title from the publisher. The creation of Peter Parker in 1962 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Hawkeye: Un-Avenger-like

Why is Hawkeye Striking a Nerve?

Everyone who is talking about comics has already written about what a great run Fraction’s Hawkeye is. Here at Comic POW! it was Dan’s best Marvel comic of 2012 and Kari explored the amazing art. But what is it about Hawkeye that’s so resonant right now?

Daredevil v.4 issue #1 – A new start for Matt.)

Happy 50th Daredevil!

We’ve entered a period where every year there will be major comic anniversaries. All of the iconic characters that were created during the 1960s—including most of Marvel’s most notable characters—have fiftieth anniversaries on the horizon. This year one of the most notable birthdays is Daredevil

Captain America: The Winter Soldier concept art 2

The Winter Soldier: Bucky Barnes’ New Legacy

There used to be a saying in comics that nobody stays dead except Bucky Barnes and Uncle Ben. In 2005 Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting decided to break that rule by bringing Bucky back and what followed was one of the best runs on Captain