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Front page images currently may be displaying incorrectly

This weekend I upgraded Comic POW! to use https (which I probably should have done long ago), but the front page images are currently a little messed up. I think it may be a cache issue from Cloudfare, but I’m not sure. I’ll be investigating

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On the Unplanned Hiatus

Hello Readers, It’s been a while – just a little after Baltimore Comic-Con – since there’s been a new post. I hadn’t commented on it until now because I hadn’t expected the hiatus to go on for so long. But after Comic-Con between planning the

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A New Year, A New Theme

Hello readers of Comic POW! 2013 was a great year in which we were joined by two new, great writers. Tracey Mania and Kari Woodrow have really been knocking it out of the park with their articles. Last year I also started my series on

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Welcome, Tracy!

I want to welcome our newest writer, Tracy Mania! For now she’ll be alternating Fridays with Kari so look for her first article in the next week or so!

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A Change in the Content, a Reaffirmation of the Focus

You may have noticed the new site redesign and the new content over the last few weeks.  It’s essentially been a quiet relaunch.  I just changed the “About this Site” page to include the following: “But life circumstances changed and evolved for us and it

Happy Holidays from Marvel!

Happy Holidays!

No POW! this week as Dan and I prepare for our holiday celebrations.  Enjoy these images and we’ll see you next week!

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Unusual or Fun Search Terms from the Past 30 days

Dan and I have made posts like this every once in a while on our personal blogs. It’s fun to see what search terms people typed into Google, Bing, etc to get here. I went through and picked out some of the fun ones. Here