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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Batman as the Head of a Family

We often refer to all the Batman heroes as the Bat Family. That’s, of course, literally true when talking about Batman and the Robins, but it’s also metaphorically true when you rope in Batgirl (which would have been literal if Barbara had accepted Dick’s proposal).

Wolverine: Logan #3: On fire.

Revisiting Wolverine’s Past

It could be argued that in recent decades, Wolverine has been the face of Marvel. The only character that gets more exposure is Spider-Man. If you go to the comic store today and look at the shelves you’ll find Wolverine, Savage Wolverine, Wolverine Max, and

Sex Criminals Finally Gets a Release Date

I’ve bee waiting for this series ever since I first heard about it. It has Matt Fraction (who I LOVE from Hawkeye, Fantastic Four, and The Defenders) and it has a ridiculously fun sounding premise. Suzie has a secret. When she has sex, she stops

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Welcome, Tracy!

I want to welcome our newest writer, Tracy Mania! For now she’ll be alternating Fridays with Kari so look for her first article in the next week or so!

cover of Robin: A Hero Reborn

Comics Time Capsule: 1991 (Robin: A Hero Reborn)

It’s really interesting to think about how quickly the world changes around us. Whether we’re talking about popular culture, politics, or technology, things are constantly moving. The media produced during any given time period tends to reflect this; things produced today have up-to-date smartphones, fashion,

DC superheroes

What (Else) Makes a Hero?

Last week I took a look at four superhero characters – Batman, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Starfire – and what made them decide to put on their costumes and fight the good fight. If you haven’t read that one yet, I’d suggest checking it

Batman is a Hoarder

I came across this awesome parody strip which Kerry Callen even took the time to make look as though they were from an old Batman comic about how Batman is a hoarder. It’s funny because my wife and I were just having a conversation about

What Makes a Hero?

Mainstream comics have traditionally featured superheroes or, more recently, anti-heroes. Whether it’s Batman, Starfire, Captain Marvel, or Iron Man, the characters that inhabit most of the comics published by the Big Two – and, to a certain degree, smaller publishers as well – feature someone