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Monthly Archives: June 2013

cover of Age of Ultron #1

Comic Events and Consumer Affairs: Age of Ultron

Events and crossovers are a longstanding tradition in the world of comics. They provide a means of telling a larger story than can normally be told, and they give a reason for characters who normally don’t interact a chance to do just that. They’ve been

picture of Darkseid

Villain takeover at DC!

No, I don’t mean Dan Didio with a fake mustache that he twirls diabolically. DC has released all of the solicits for their Villain Month in September, along with the following quote: The first universe-wide event of The New 52 begins as FOREVER EVIL launches!

Strangers in Paradise logo

Gender in Paradise

There are a lot of details in Strangers in Paradise that add up to make it an excellent book. It’s written and drawn by Terry Moore; since it’s all done by the same person, you know that everything you’re seeing is the absolute intent of

Not the Best time to be a Sidekick

Super hero sidekicks almost have the same joke status nowadays as Star Trek’s Red Shirts. In a lot of ways they’re a relic from an old era before people asked questions about reckless child endangerment. We seem to have transitioned away from the sidekick to