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Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Making Comics with Laura Lee Panel

Often it seems intimidating to make a comic. There’s so much involved! Before you even begin, there’s your world-building, your characters, and the plot. But Laura Lee explains her process in a way that makes it seem so much more doable. Additionally, at the end,

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Essentials of Worldbuilding Panel

If an author wishes to create a realistic world for his or her stories, it’s important to pay attention to the essentials of worldbuilding. If done well, it creates a more believable, lived-in world that sucks the reader in. But, as Terry Mancour explores in

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Interview with Shea Fontana

While at Baltimore Comic-Con this year I came across Shea Fontana’s booth and was drawn in by super hero show that my daughters have watched and rewatched: DC Super Hero Girls. It turns out that she developed the series and also was a writer on

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Brian K Vaughan Spotlight

On the first day of Baltimore Comic-Con Dr. Christy Blanch, moderator extraordinaire and comic book author in her own right, led a panel spotlighting Brian K Vaughan’s work. Of course, the panel covered Saga, but it also covered Paper Girls, We Stand On Guard, and

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Breaking Into Comics Panel

This panel did a great job of explaining a lot of the ins and outs of breaking into comics. The biggest takeaways included: Everyone has a very different story about how they were able to break in. Don’t try to copy anyone else’s story, because

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018 Cosplay

Here are the Cosplay photos I took this year. To save bandwidth, these are resized to a smaller size. If you would like a full-sized JPEG, comment below or send me an email.