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Baltimore Comic-Con 2018 Cosplay

Here are the Cosplay photos I took this year. To save bandwidth, these are resized to a smaller size. If you would like a full-sized JPEG, comment below or send me an email.  


Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Cosplay Interview with Kevin

Kevin created a Hawkman costume and, like many of the others at the competition, was stretching his costuming skills to create it. Learn what he found difficult and what lessons he took from that. I will say I’m surprised that his attention to detail and

Baltimore Comic-Con 2017: Cosplay!

It was once again a very creative year for cosplay at Baltimore Comic-Con. Enjoy photos of the many creative costumes I came across. (note: if you want a higher resolution version, leave a comment below and make sure to put your email address in the

Baltimore Comic-Con 2017: Batman Day Panel

It was Batman Day on Saturday and so a panel of Batman and Bat-Family creatives came together to celebrate. It was the most interactive panel of the weekend and I loved that about it. They mentioned Harley would take over (a reference to Jimmy Palmiotti