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Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Interview with Creator of Gene515

At artist alley at Baltimore Comic-Con I found Gene515, an illustrated novel about a post-apocalyptic world in which some animals can talk and have full human rights. The idea piqued my interest, so I spoke with the creator about the world and how he came


Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Cosplay Interview with Kevin

Kevin created a Hawkman costume and, like many of the others at the competition, was stretching his costuming skills to create it. Learn what he found difficult and what lessons he took from that. I will say I’m surprised that his attention to detail and

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Interview with Bleed Geeks

After I was done speaking with the creators at Multi Verse Madness, they said I should check out the booth of one of the advertisers in their magazine, Bleed Geeks. I walked over to the booth. I’ve been covering Baltimore Comic-Con for about 7 years