Multi Verse Madness

When I walked by the Multi Verse Madness table I was drawn to the magazines on the table. What in the world was this? It turns out it was a fan zine. That’s right, they’re still being created in 2018! But unlike the Xerox’d, stapled fan zines of yore, this one was nicely printed like a commercial magazine. Thanks to technology and print-on-demand, these kinds of professional magazines are now available to amateurs. But what actually propelled me from talking about the zine with them to wanting to interview the creators was the focus of the magazine. First of all, it was focused on inclusivity on all the dimensions of fandom – age, race, gender, even transgender. Second, many of the articles in the magazine are around similar themes to Comic POW!, such as the articles focusing on the psychology of Harley Quinn. So enjoy the interview where we explored the origins of the magazine and why it’s so important to these creators.


Chastity Wilson as Harley Quinn facing off against Cat Woman
Chastity Wilson as Harley Quinn facing off against Cat Woman

By Eric Mesa

Eric was an avid comic reader in the late 1990s. He then took a hiatus from comic reading until 2011 when he dove head-first back into comics. Back in the 90s Eric only read Marvel comics although he loved Batman: The Animated Series. After a 2 year dalliance (2011-2013) with Marvel and DC, Eric now almost exclusively reads Image Comics.

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