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Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: The 2019 Ringo Awards

Once again, the spirit of Mike Wieringo was honored with the presentation of The Ringo Awards. You can watch the awards show below and the winners will be listed below that. Fan Favorites: Favorite Hero: Toaster Dude Favorite Villain: Lance Cordrey from Aberrant (Action Lab

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Interview with Creator of Gene515

At artist alley at Baltimore Comic-Con I found Gene515, an illustrated novel about a post-apocalyptic world in which some animals can talk and have full human rights. The idea piqued my interest, so I spoke with the creator about the world and how he came

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Making Comics with Laura Lee Panel

Often it seems intimidating to make a comic. There’s so much involved! Before you even begin, there’s your world-building, your characters, and the plot. But Laura Lee explains her process in a way that makes it seem so much more doable. Additionally, at the end,

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Essentials of Worldbuilding Panel

If an author wishes to create a realistic world for his or her stories, it’s important to pay attention to the essentials of worldbuilding. If done well, it creates a more believable, lived-in world that sucks the reader in. But, as Terry Mancour explores in