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Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Interview with Bleed Geeks

After I was done speaking with the creators at Multi Verse Madness, they said I should check out the booth of one of the advertisers in their magazine, Bleed Geeks. I walked over to the booth. I’ve been covering Baltimore Comic-Con for about 7 years

Marc Nobleman

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Batman’s Biggest Secret

Through various books I’d read, I already had an idea that Batman had two creators, Bob Kane and Bill Finger. I also knew that Finger had received the short end of the stick when it came to acknowledgment for his contributions. But until I attended

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Interview with Rod Van Blake

Baltimore Comic-Con has always had a healthy prose showing in artists alley. There was the year I was introduced to Coral Hare. And, as I mentioned in my interview with Tom King (and he mentioned the same story at Saturday’s Ringo Awards), I first met

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: The Ringo Awards

The second annual Ringo Awards, named after Mike Wieringo, were a BLAST. If you’re in town for Baltimore Comic-Con you really should look into getting a ticket. It’s an Emmy’s-style event where dinner is served at the award venue and you get to share a

Noir Comics Panel

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Noir Comics Panel

Noir has been a part of comics since the beginning of the medium. It has waxed and waned in popularity since its heyday in the 1930s and 40s, but there’s usually at least once book being published in the genre. At Baltimore Comic-Con this year,

The Liberty Brigade Panel

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: The Liberty Brigade

As I was looking at the programming guide to see which panels I was going to attend, I saw The Liberty Brigade. The idea of using a bunch of old, out of copyright characters from the Golden Age of comics sounded very interesting. Then I

Marty LeGrow

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Interview with Marty LeGrow

One of my favorite things about walking around the floor at Baltimore Comic-Con is getting to discover new and interesting series. As I walked around on the first day, I ended up striking up a conversation with Marty LeGrow about Miraculous (a French kid’s show

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Interview with Tom King

Tom King is a very popular man at this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con. I’ve been following him since he first showed up in artist alley around 2011 with his prose novel A Once Crowded Sky. As he was picked up by DC Comics and has proven

Baltimore Comic-Com 2018 is here!

Once again I’ll be covering Baltimore Comic-Con, bringing you lots of photos, panel videos, and interviews. I’ve got some great interviews I’m hoping to get lined up over the next few days. So, remember to check back often over the next few days as I

Baltimore Comic-Con 2017: Cosplay!

It was once again a very creative year for cosplay at Baltimore Comic-Con. Enjoy photos of the many creative costumes I came across. (note: if you want a higher resolution version, leave a comment below and make sure to put your email address in the

Baltimore Comic-con 2017: First Annual Ringo Awards

This was not only the first time Comic POW! covered the awards at Baltimore Comic-Con, it’s also the inaugural year of the Ringo Awards. There was a GREAT keynote speech by David Peterson of Mouse Guard. It was also the first time I was able