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Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Interview with Shea Fontana

While at Baltimore Comic-Con this year I came across Shea Fontana’s booth and was drawn in by super hero show that my daughters have watched and rewatched: DC Super Hero Girls. It turns out that she developed the series and also was a writer on

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Brian K Vaughan Spotlight

On the first day of Baltimore Comic-Con Dr. Christy Blanch, moderator extraordinaire and comic book author in her own right, led a panel spotlighting Brian K Vaughan’s work. Of course, the panel covered Saga, but it also covered Paper Girls, We Stand On Guard, and

Baltimore Comic-Con 2019: Breaking Into Comics Panel

This panel did a great job of explaining a lot of the ins and outs of breaking into comics. The biggest takeaways included: Everyone has a very different story about how they were able to break in. Don’t try to copy anyone else’s story, because

Baltimore Comic-Con 2018 Cosplay

Here are the Cosplay photos I took this year. To save bandwidth, these are resized to a smaller size. If you would like a full-sized JPEG, comment below or send me an email.  


Baltimore Comic-Con 2018: Cosplay Interview with Kevin

Kevin created a Hawkman costume and, like many of the others at the competition, was stretching his costuming skills to create it. Learn what he found difficult and what lessons he took from that. I will say I’m surprised that his attention to detail and