On the first day of Baltimore Comic-Con Dr. Christy Blanch, moderator extraordinaire and comic book author in her own right, led a panel spotlighting Brian K Vaughan’s work. Of course, the panel covered Saga, but it also covered Paper Girls, We Stand On Guard, and Private Eye.

Brian revealed that Paper Girls has been picked up by Amazon and spoke of how it came from his experiences growing up and how strange it was that we had kids delivering newspapers to adults so early in the morning. He also touched on his stance on Digital Rights Management (I prefer the term Digital Restrictions Management) and why Panel Syndicate chose to provide books without it. There was also a neat conversation on how Fiona Staples was the one who asked if Alana and Marko had to be Caucasian, helping BKV realize how we often just default to Caucasian if we’re not actively thinking about it.

One of the great things about Baltimore Comic-Con is that the attendance numbers allow for lots of question and answer time with the guests and so you get to see BKV answer a lot of interesting questions about his work. Enjoy the video here:

Brian K. Vaughan Panel

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