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At the Beginning: John Carter: A Warlord of Mars #1

We don’t often consider single issues here at Comic POW! We prefer to look at story arcs and completed series to get a better feel for what the author and artist were trying to accomplish. However, I thought it would be interesting to take a

GENESIS: Advanced Review

Genesis is a 64 page one-shot book; a graphic novel in the purest sense of the word. It is a perfect example of what I find terrifying about what the current wave of self-help gurus claim. About ten years ago my father had me listen

Code Monkey Save World #1 - Featured Image

Code Monkey Save World #1

We tend not to focus on comic reviews here at Comic POW! We like to take a look at how books or story arcs fit into the greater medium and society. But every once in a while we do take a look at an individual

Image Comics - Sex #1 - Simon Cooke

Sex #1 – Advanced Review

Surprisingly there isn’t much sex in Sex #1.  I say surprisingly because this book wasn’t called Armored Saint and then advertised as a mature book with sex.  It’s like having a book called Batman in which hero doesn’t make an appearance.  If sex isn’t the