Baltimore Comic-Con 2017: Cosplay!

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It was once again a very creative year for cosplay at Baltimore Comic-Con. Enjoy photos of the many creative costumes I came across. (note: if you want a higher resolution version, leave a comment below and make sure to put your email address in the email address field)

4 thoughts on “Baltimore Comic-Con 2017: Cosplay!”

  1. Courtney Sachse says:

    Awesome! I’d love a high res version of our Steampunk Marvel group!

    1. Eric Mesa says:

      Ok, later this weekend I’ll email it to you.

      1. Marc Lombardi says:

        Same please. (my wife and I are Colossus and Scarlet Witch)

        Also, glad to see that you read a lot of Image books.

        1. Eric Mesa says:

          It should be in your inbox within the next few minutes.

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