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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Satellite Sam #1

New Image Series and One Awesome Surprise

The AMAZING Matt Fraction (see today’s post in which Kari explores his teamwork with Aja on Hawkeye) will be teaming up with Howard Chaykin for a new black and white series called Satellite Sam. I’m extremely excited for this series both because of Fraction’s involvement

Hawkeye #1 cover

Art and the Feel of Hawkeye

When I’m reading a story – in comics or otherwise – I do my best to notice and evaluate all of the elements that the creator or creators have included. It’s easy for me to do in novels; years of English classes from grade school

Batman #20 - Breathing is Overrated

Is the Era of the Short Batman Story Over?

It used to be the case that there were eight page Batman stories and one issue would contain a few stories. Marvel was the pioneer of having long story arcs. But for a few decades now both DC and Marvel have been story-telling via decompressed

Batman looking at Bat Signal

The Hero Gotham Deserves (and needs)

Hey, Comic POW! readers! I’m Kari, and I’m thrilled to be joining the team here. Check out the “About the Writers” page to get to know me a little better. One thing that you should know about me right off the – heh – bat:

You Will Answer to No One Else…

Image Comics has been releasing a set of teasers with the text “You will Answer to No One Else But Me” with a hashtag, whatsnext. Two of the images look almost like a Street Fighter-based comic, but the one with the woman looks more like

No Thumbnail

A Change in the Content, a Reaffirmation of the Focus

You may have noticed the new site redesign and the new content over the last few weeks.  It’s essentially been a quiet relaunch.  I just changed the “About this Site” page to include the following: “But life circumstances changed and evolved for us and it