You may have noticed the new site redesign and the new content over the last few weeks.  It’s essentially been a quiet relaunch.  I just changed the “About this Site” page to include the following:

“But life circumstances changed and evolved for us and it became really hard to get together every week and write (or create the video) for the POW! So you may notice the site redesign in May 2013, that coincided with a change to the types of articles while remaining true to the original spirit. I decided to focus on comic critique and study. Any site can do a review and some of them, like Comic Vine, do excellent reviews. Comic POW! is going beyond the review to bring you deeper meaning to the comics we read. What are the authors trying to say? How does it fit in to our society? When we look at historical comics – how does it fit into their society and how has the character changed over the years or decades?  So go to those other sites to learn whether you should buy this week’s comics, but come here to have a deeper experience with those comics. (Here’s a great example of the type of article I’m talking about) We’ll also cover some comics news and previews, but it’s not going to be the main focus.”

I’m also excited to mention that we’re going to be having a new writer join us, Kari Woodrow.  I’ve asked her to come write for us based on the great analysis she was doing in Christy Blanch’s Super MOOC. I’m psyched to read her articles and I hope you will be, too.

2 thoughts on “A Change in the Content, a Reaffirmation of the Focus”
    1. Most definitely! I’ve always been a huge fan of your long-form posts and I’ve been missing it on your personal blog!

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