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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Baltimore Comic-Con is Almost Here!

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to Baltimore Comic-Con this year because of family commitments, but I had a blast last year and I recommend going if you’re in the area. It’s 7-8 Sept this year. But if my endorsement isn’t enough, check out

Infinity FCBD:cover

Pregaming Infinity

Age of Ultron is barely over, but Marvel is already rolling out Infinity, which is the latest major event from the publisher. Events can be a divisive topic for a lot of comic fans, but I tend to enjoy them as long as they’re telling

Batman Incorporated logo

Expectations and Reality: Batman Incorporated

Even if you don’t read DC comics or are uninterested in the Batman family, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Batman Incorporated. The fourteen-issue series, which wrapped up at the end of July, made big waves in late February when Damian Wayne, the

Bruce Wayne gives the Red Hood Gang the Middle Finger

Who are comics for?

This week I came across the following quote from a Paul Pope article: Asked by Yang if he had tried to do an all-ages book with a franchise character, Pope said he did test the waters, only to be knocked back. “Batman did pretty well,

Daredevil v2 #82: cover image

To Kill or Not to Kill: Daredevil’s Heroic Struggle

Should a superhero kill? What happens if he does? Those are questions that are constantly being asked by creators and fans of superhero comics. Every character approaches that question differently: Batman never kills, but Superman has under extreme circumstances even though he has a strict

Revisiting the meaning of Asylum

Batman Annual Vol 2 #2 tackles two very interesting and interrelated topics concerning the DC Universe. The main premise of the issue is that Batman is testing security at Arkham Asylum, a Cardboard Prison. I understand the problem the writers of the many Batman books