Dan and I have made posts like this every once in a while on our personal blogs. It’s fun to see what search terms people typed into Google, Bing, etc to get here. I went through and picked out some of the fun ones. Here they are, along with my comments.

  • amazing spider-man #673 every page – I think what you’re looking for is to buy this comic at your local comic shop or maybe in the Marvel digital app
  • white rabbit spider island – Was there a white rabbit easter egg in each of the Spider-Island issues or is this the name of some super hero?  I’m actually very curious here!
  • sex comics spider man – Hmm….maybe you want to search for Tijuana bibles?
  • swamp thing comic tattoos – So is this a tattoo of a comic?  I think that’d definitely be original – to have a tattoo that is the cover to a comic
  • facial expressions of men – this is very generic.  I wonder why I am ranked so highly for this in Google.
  • mysterious swamp – I know it was our Swamp Thing POW! That led to this, but I wonder what this person was actually looking for.
  • peter parker freak out – OK….
  • ultimate comics spider-man #4 download – again, I think you’re looking for the Marvel Comic App
  • pow png comic – I wonder what this person was looking for.
  • swamp – We can’t possibly rank THAT highly for the word “swamp”, can we?
  • guy carlie – Is this someone looking for the guy version of Carlie?  Like an alternate universe?
  • spider man sex – Again with the Spidey-sex.

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