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Wytches - Featured Image

Wytches: Parenting Fears Made Manifest

I read Wytches back in September before Baltimore Comic-Con because I wanted to be able to talk to Scott Snyder about how it was a personal meditation on what it means to be a parent. Snyder being as popular as he is, I was unable

Alex + Ada

I was sure I knew how this was going to go. I’ve seen plenty of anime with this same plot. Usually the guy gets an android because either he’s too shy around girls or because he’s a loser (at least by cultural standards). However, instead

In Case You Missed it: Image Expo Edition

Lots of news and press releases come out in the summer because of all the conventions. Sometimes it slips through the cracks. Here are some announcements from Image Expo in July: INVINCIBLE: REBOOT I haven’t read Invincible yet, but I keep hearing good things about

Love or Lust? Sunstone Volumes 1 and 2

This has been a year of firsts for me when it comes to literature. Earlier this year I read a romance novel for the first time because it was written by Marjorie M Liu, who I loved on X-23 and Astonishing X-Men. Then, I got

Image Comics Wants All Your Money (July 2015)

Time once again to see what new comics or trades Image has coming out to take up our spending cash. First up is Self-Obsessed which is coming out 30 Sept. It’s by author Sina Grace and I’m pretty excited about this offering. He’s the writer

At the Beginning: Island #1

We don’t often consider single issues here at Comic POW! We prefer to look at story arcs and completed series to get a better feel for what the author and artist were trying to accomplish. However, I thought it would be interesting to take a

Sex Criminals Vol 2: The Honeymoon’s Over

Reading Sex Criminals Vol 1, one almost feels like Fraction and Zdarsky never expected to be able to get away with this comic. It’s almost even neatly wrapped up by the end in the sense of one of those stories that leaves more questions unanswered

Genius Featured Image

Genius: Inevitable Future?

When I was doing my undergraduate degree, we were just getting cell phones that could take sub-megapixel images. There was no video in most phones, and those that did shot videos that would show the size of a postage stamp on today’s monitors. Some of

Saga #9 - Stalk is back

Image Comics Nominated For Lots of Eisners

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Image Comics. So I was elated to hear they’d received lots of Eisner nominations. In fact, in many categories, there are multiple Image Comics nominees against each other.  What follows is a list of their nominations

Hinges Book 1

Although Hinges began as a web comic, I was not familiar with the story prior to reading this book. What attracted me to this book was the interesting cover and interesting art style. The decompressed storytelling style has been in vogue for about ten years

East of West Vol 3 - featured image 1

The Dissolution of Peace: East of West Vol 3

Last time we considered Hickman’s use of the themes of love, family, and fatherhood as well as introducing the world, plot, and art. The title of this third trade is “There is No Us” and on the surface, it is about the dissolution of the