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Baltimore Comic-Con Day 3: Interview with Ryan Fisher

Out of tragedy was born an all ages book to help both kids and adults deal with tragedy. Join me in my discussion with Ryan Fisher about his comic, Torchlight Lullaby, and whether we underestimate the ability of kids to deal with heavy emotions. If

John Layman and Rob Guillory at Baltimore Comic-Con

Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 Day 1: Interview with John Layman

On the first day of Baltimore Comic-Con I was able to score two awesome interviews – John Layman and Rob Guillory of Chew. In order to allow them to man their table, I conducted two separate interviews. In this interview we discuss the significance of

James Tynion IV and a fan

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 3: A Talk with James Tynion IV

After the Boom! Studios panel I started thinking again about gender and sexual fluidity in comics. Long-time readers will remember I recently wondered about this in the Sunstone article. As James Tynion IV had spoken about his experiences growing up and being excited just to