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Bruce Wayne gives the Red Hood Gang the Middle Finger

Who are comics for?

This week I came across the following quote from a Paul Pope article: Asked by Yang if he had tried to do an all-ages book with a franchise character, Pope said he did test the waters, only to be knocked back. “Batman did pretty well,

Video Review – Gotham City Sirens #20

I’ve written a lot about ComiXology recently and, really, I just discovered one of the biggest benefits.  And that’s the fact that I can go back and find issues that have come out months or even years ago and I can get them really cheaply.

X-23 #17

Eric’s Pull List for Week 4

Last week was a very heavy comic release week for me.  I enjoyed almost all of them;Batman most of all, as you already know . Generation Hope #13 – I continue to enjoy the dynamic between all the members of Generation Hope although I feel