Catwoman cosplay contest at Baltimore Comic-Con 2017

Last year I interviewed the winner of the costume contest and that was so much fun, I decided to interview more of the contestants as they were waiting to be judged.

Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns are controversial in fandom. On the one hand, they helped bring Batman back into the general consciousness. On the other hand, they feature a Batman that is not very Batman-like. For example, many argue he allows Joker to plummet to his death in the first movie, but modern Batman never does stuff like that. Additionally, they may have seemed edgy in the 80s, but compared to the Nolan Batman Trilogy, they are almost as campy as the Adam West Batman. That said, most people think Michelle Pfeiffer really did an astounding job as Catwoman based on the script she had to work with. Elena, our interview subject, certainly thought so and decided to bring that version of Catwoman back to life.

While Catwoman cosplay is not as ubiquitous as Harley or Poison Ivy, it’s still pretty common. But I have never seen a Catwoman cosplay as masterful as this one. Excellent job, Elena. I hope those photos at Katsucon are as wonderful as you’re hoping for.

Catwoman is coming for you!

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