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The Lesser Powered Dragon Ball Z Characters

Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 Cosplay Extravaganza!

This year’s show was, like any other, a mixture of the usual characters in their usual costumes, the usual characters in unique permutations, and characters rarely seen at Baltimore Comic-Con. Overall, the level of costume quality continues to increase year-on-year and it’s exciting to see

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 2: Boom! Studios Panel

The Boom! Studios panel goes beyond simply discussing the future of Boom! Studios and discusses the present and future of comics. The discussion centers on inclusion of under-represented groups and how non-super hero comics continue to grow in importance. Forgive me for dropping the camera

The Future of IDW Panel

There were lots of great reveals during the IDW panel including: Walter Simonson will be continuing his Thor story, Ragnarok. I’d never heard of it, but the artwork looked stunning and his description of the plot made me want to pick up the trade for

Dynamite: The Next 10 Years

Comic POW! readers will know that ever since last year, I’ve been fascinated by Dynamite and their stable of pulp licensed properties. It’s interesting that there’s a combination of timelessness to the stories while at the same time many of them certainly have a time