There were lots of great reveals during the IDW panel including:

  • Walter Simonson will be continuing his Thor story, Ragnarok. I’d never heard of it, but the artwork looked stunning and his description of the plot made me want to pick up the trade for the first arc.
  • James Tynion IV will be writing the book in which Batman meets up with the Ninja Turtles. He explained how he had to make sure to service the story rather than write pure fan service, but he seemed to have so much enthusiasm about the project that I can’t help but expect good things.
  • Just in time for the theatrical re-release, IDW will be releasing a Back to the Future comic. I asked the marketing guy afterwards when it takes place, but that’s currently a secret.
  • Finally, they will be doing some reprints of the Marvel Star Wars materials in a special edition that lets readers see the rough drafts of the comic.

Unfortunately, my video equipment malfunctioned, so all I have is audio, but enjoy – there are some good, juicy stories in here.

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