This year, more than any other, I was aware of the continuity on which exist independently published comics. On one end stand the creator-owned publishers like Image, Dynamite, IDW, and Boom (although the latter three certainly also publish books from licensed properties). Somewhere in the middle are creatives like Kata Kane of Altar Girl (see here and here). At the other end of the spectrum are the creatives working in the Square City Comics collective. These are the indie comics that remind me of Brandon Graham’s early work (and I don’t necessarily mean the erotica). The samples I leafed through covered every topic and style – in a way that those without any marketing department can. There is a special aesthetic that comes through in these comics. As you can see in the interview, those in the collective span the gamut of personalities and story ideas.

As they mentioned, they’re also working on a kickstarter for their book The Cure with 14 creators working on 9 stories about what the world would be like if you didn’t have to die. Looks quite interesting.

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