As I was reviewing the people I was able to connect with at last year’s Baltimore Comic-Con, I remembered how much I loved reading Kata Kane’s Altar Girl. We seemed to hit it off in a great, short interview just minutes after meeting for the first time. I remembered that she had a Kickstarter for book 1 at the time (first three chapters), so I inquired about whether she was going to have a Kickstarter for book 2. She was and everything aligned, schedule-wise, for us to have this great author interview.

We spoke for half an hour, but time really flew by. In this interview we cover how Ms Kane got into Manga, the origins of this comic, and some of the themes covered in the comic.

Well, wasn’t that great to watch? Ms Kane is such a great interview subject, it was a true joy to speak with her. We even got some spoilers for Altar Girl and the tiniest peek at what might be next after Altar Girl. (Not that it’s in danger of ending too soon!)

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a fan of Ranma 1/2Sailor Moon, and other high school-based Shoujo, you really should be reading Altar Girl and you really should be BACKING Altar Girl. And you don’t have much time! The Kickstarter ends 28 July!!

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