Comic POW! readers will know that ever since last year, I’ve been fascinated by Dynamite and their stable of pulp licensed properties. It’s interesting that there’s a combination of timelessness to the stories while at the same time many of them certainly have a time and place in which they belong. For example, Mark Waid’s Green Hornet takes place in the 1940s and Hornet definitely works well in that time period, but the story is imminently enjoyable in the present.

Here are some of the takeaways from the panel:

  • Ron Marz,  who spoke of how important John Carter was to him growing up said: “I’ll do John Carter until they pry it off my cold, dead hands”
  • Warren Ellis will be writing James Bond book. We learned how tangled the rights on that are and how much we are to applaud Dynamite for getting this done.
  • In January Red Sonja, Deja Theris, and Vampirella relaunch with Gail Simone leading the ideas.
  • Rick Rememder, whose stories I love, has a story called Devolution coming.
  • Seduction of the Innocents evokes the EC comics style. Based on the other panels they’ve done this year and last year, I think Mark Waid and Christy Blanch would love to read this book.


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