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Detective Comics Vol 2 #13 - You never forget your first time

Ok, so he’s not a Cibopath – Detective Comics #13

I did not like Detective Comics under Tony S Daniel’s short run.  It just wasn’t a good time for him.  He had to assume the mantle on Detective Comics after Scott Snyder’s phenomenal run.  And Snyder has also been going gangbusters on Batman.  This was

Avengers vs X-Men - Who Really Won?

Endings and Beginnings: Avengers vs X-Men Round 12

Man, Avengers vs X-Men was quite a doozy, eh?  I wanted to hate it.  First of all, Marvel is getting way too ridiculous with the events.  If nothing else, when events drags all these books into them, they have to spend time dealing with the

Robin Year One #1

Review: Robin Year 1 #1

Last weekend Comixology was having a Nightwing 101 sale.  Basically, their editors selected a group of comics they believed was representative of everything you’d need to know about Dick Grayson’s life.  Of course, there’s the caveat that some or all of this might have been

qcomicbook displaying Mark Waid's Insufferable #2

Tellico and qcomicbook – a (near) perfect combination

Everyone who gets into collecting comics seriously eventually ends up asking the question – how do I keep track of my comics? It becomes hard to remember which ones you have and where they are in your house. I ended up using Tellico.  It works

Avengers vs X-Men Round 6

Avengers vs X-Men Round 6 Review

this was originally supposed to be a video review, but life kept me from getting around to it. I mentioned in my second video review that with Avengers vs X-Men #5, the Event was starting to get good. Things have kicked up a notch for

Uncanny X-Men: Divided We Stand

Uncanny X-Men: Divided We Stand

As I did with Amazing Spider-Man’s “Brand New Day”, I’d like to use the purchase of a trade paperback to take a look at a complete story arc. This time I’ll be looking at Uncanny X-Men: Divided We Stand. This story arc takes place in

Comic Creators: Inkers

I’ve wanted to focus on different comic creators for a while now.  A recent comic vine podcast made me think that perhaps I should first focus on inkers.  In my current collection here are the top 5 inkers: Jay Leisten Tim Townsend John Dell, Victor

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Looking Back at 2011

Man, it was a crazy year to get back into Comics.  Taking a cursory look back, we had: Hickman launch FF, which had the Fantastic Four taking in a ton of other people and even working with their enemies. Speaking of which, right before the

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A Look back at the Amazing Spider-Man’s Brand New Day

While I’m currently mostly focused on collecting the X-Men trades (because of the very complex storylines over all the involved characters), I decided to pick up the first two volumes of Brand New Day because they were in my local shop’s Buy Two, Get One

Fantastic Four #600 - Franklins Powers Return

The Fallout from Fantastic Four #600

(The following contains lots of spoilers! So you may want to read Fantastic Four #600 first if you haven’t yet) Predicting the fallout from any given issue is a difficult thing to do within this storytelling medium. Authors are fond of misdirection. Small, seemingly unimportant

X-Men Team Introduction

X-Men Vol 2 #1 (20th Anniversary Edition)

When I saw the 20th Anniversary edition of X-Men Vol 2 #1 for sale, I decided it would be neat to check it out to see how much has changed in the past twenty years. I figured that while a lot has changed (via M-Day, for example) there’s

Justice League #1

Has the New 52 Succeeded With Me?

The dust has settled on DC’s new 52 and the second month’s worth of comics have been released.  The first month was obviously great for sales.  Many of the titles went into third or fourth printings.  But what effect did it have on my comic