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Carol Danvers

Reboot vs. Relaunch: Pros and Cons

There are a lot of similar-sounding terms thrown around when talking about comics. We’ve got reboots, revivals, relaunches, retcons… they’re all important terms, but if you’re not familiar with what each one means, it can be really confusing. A reboot is the resetting of a

What Makes a Hero?

Mainstream comics have traditionally featured superheroes or, more recently, anti-heroes. Whether it’s Batman, Starfire, Captain Marvel, or Iron Man, the characters that inhabit most of the comics published by the Big Two – and, to a certain degree, smaller publishers as well – feature someone

Ms Marvel Vol 1 - #1 - J Jonah Jameson says being saved by a woman is equal to being made a fool of

Carol Danvers ([Ms|Captain] Marvel) Through Time

As you may remember Christina Blanch is running a class on about gender in comic books. This week we were assigned to read three different interpretations of Carol Danvers. Last week we read three interpretations of Superman, but one key difference is that Marvel