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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Let’s Talk About Race

As you’ve no doubt already heard, the new Fantastic Four movie has cast its Human Torch. Meet Michael B. Jordan, the new Johnny Storm: Even though this is a topic that Eric has already covered, I’d like to offer my thoughts on why casting an

King Pin Comic Depiction vs Movie Depiction

Race Flipping in Comic Movies

The internet is abuzz about the recent news by 20th Century Fox to have Johnny Storm played by an African American actor in the next Fantastic Four movie. The featured image of this article should be a reminder that this isn’t the first time we’ve

Guardians of the Galaxy promotional image: Will audiences connect with these characters?

Coming Soon from Marvel Studios

The first full-length trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy was released this week and it marks the tenth movie that will be released in the interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe, joining the Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Avengers movie franchises as well as The Incredible

Young Avengers #13

Talk To Me!: Why Lettering is Important

I’ve talked a lot about art and writing in the past few months, and a few weeks ago we had colorist appreciation day. I figured now was a good time to round out the collection of creators and talk about lettering. Lettering doesn’t sound important

Life in the Big City

Regular readers of Comic POW know I’m a huge fan of Brandon Graham. When I discover a new creator that I like, I tend to binge on their works. Fortunately for my bank account, Brandon Graham has a pretty small canon of work in which