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Thor: God of Thunder #9: Cover with all three Thors.

Thor: God of Thunder

Thor: The Dark World opens in America this weekend, bringing attention back to the Asgardian corner of the Marvel Universe. Thor is one of my favorite Marvel characters so I’m very excited to see the movie—excited enough that I’ve had my tickets for a month.

Daredevil v2 #71: Daredevil support group notice.

The Devil Among Us

Daredevil is a title that has been blessed with many excellent writers over the years. There are so many exceptional stories that it can be hard to pick favorites, but today I thought I would revisit one of mine. The five issue Decalogue arc written

Iron Man 3 Promotional Picture: This image of the Mandarin did not reassure me.

The Mandarin: Reimagining Problematic Characters

Iron Man 3 has just been released on DVD, which makes now the perfect time to discuss some of the controversy surrounding its primary antagonist. The way the movie handled the character of the Mandarin upset some long-time comic fans and relieved others. When I

Mighty Avengers v2 Promotional Artwork: Not your usual team.

Mighty Avengers: Not Just Another Team Book

The Avengers name is a hot property right now. If you go to your local comic shop and look at the shelves, you’ll see seven comics with “Avengers” in the title. That kind of saturation can be confusing for the consumer, making it difficult to

Daredevil v2 #58 – Introducing the reimagined Night Nurse.

The Night Nurse: Doctor to Superheroes

Very few superheroes are lucky enough to be invulnerable like Superman or have a healing factor like Wolverine, so what happens when they get hurt on the job? Even heroes with good healthcare in their civilian lives may have trouble explaining away gunshot wounds and

Infinity FCBD:cover

Pregaming Infinity

Age of Ultron is barely over, but Marvel is already rolling out Infinity, which is the latest major event from the publisher. Events can be a divisive topic for a lot of comic fans, but I tend to enjoy them as long as they’re telling

Daredevil v2 #82: cover image

To Kill or Not to Kill: Daredevil’s Heroic Struggle

Should a superhero kill? What happens if he does? Those are questions that are constantly being asked by creators and fans of superhero comics. Every character approaches that question differently: Batman never kills, but Superman has under extreme circumstances even though he has a strict

Wolverine: Logan #3: On fire.

Revisiting Wolverine’s Past

It could be argued that in recent decades, Wolverine has been the face of Marvel. The only character that gets more exposure is Spider-Man. If you go to the comic store today and look at the shelves you’ll find Wolverine, Savage Wolverine, Wolverine Max, and