Diversity in Comics Panel

Diversity in media and comics might be controversial on the Internet, but at Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 it was the most highly attended panel (not counting the celebrity panels). A segment of the writing staff from Pop Culture Uncovered led a panel discussing diversity in comics: where do we stand now and what can we do to fix it? It was not only the best attended panel, it was also the most interactive. People really have a yearning for comics to catch up to society in terms of demographics and storylines. But, as discussed in the panel, this is easier said than done – at least among the Big Two who are owned by large corporations and not as nimble as the indie comic companies.

I often felt during this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con that the panels were over too quickly. But with this one, we could have gone all day and only touched the surface.

By Eric Mesa

Eric was an avid comic reader in the late 1990s. He then took a hiatus from comic reading until 2011 when he dove head-first back into comics. Back in the 90s Eric only read Marvel comics although he loved Batman: The Animated Series. After a 2 year dalliance (2011-2013) with Marvel and DC, Eric now almost exclusively reads Image Comics.

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