Dustin Nguyen (from Li'l Gotham #24)Dustin Nguyen (from Li'l Gotham #24)

While every single person in the creative process is incredibly important, it’s often the writer and the penciller who get mentioned, with the inker sometimes getting credit as well. Yet without the colorist, comics would be a completely different medium. Hence colorist appreciation day!

Here are a few of my favorite colorists, along with some panels that really showcase their work.

Matt Hollingsworth (from Hawkeye #2)Matt Hollingsworth (from Hawkeye #2)

Rachelle Rosenberg (from X-Factor #237)Rachelle Rosenberg (from X-Factor #237)

Jonathan Case (from Batman '66 #1)Jonathan Case (from Batman ’66 #1)

Guy Major (from Red Robin #9)Guy Major (from Red Robin #9)

Dustin Nguyen (from Li'l Gotham #24)Dustin Nguyen (from Li’l Gotham #24)

Frank Martin (from East of West #1)Frank Martin (from East of West #1)

Fiona Staples (from Saga #14)Fiona Staples (from Saga #14)

Who are some of your favorite colorists? Let’s talk color in the comments!

By Kari Woodrow

Kari read her first comic at the age of nine – her brother's much-abused copy of Archie - and promptly forgot about it. Now, nearly two decades later, she has rediscovered the genre and has yet to look back. She enjoys some Marvel comics, but her heart lives in the DC universe.

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