X-Factor #228X-Factor #228

A fairly good week for my pull list.  Lots of great comics rivaling The Defenders for this week’s POW!  Most, if not all, of the links are out to Comic Vine.

X-23 #18
X-23 #18
  • Action Comics #4 – Grant Morrison goes back to a Golden Age (or is it a Silver Age?) story about Braniac bottling up various planets.  In the original story it allowed Superman a way to go back home.  We’ll see where Grant Morrison goes with it since he usually takes stuff from the old days and then gives it a twist.
  • X-23 #18 – X-23’s attempts to keep the Richards kids continues to spiral out of control.  We also get some great moments of emotional growth for X-23 that really make me sad that Marjorie Liu is losing this title.  X-23’s remained emotionally stunted for years (decades?) in our real life timeline and Liu has really done great things with her!
  • Amazing Spider-Man #675 – The Vulture arc ratchets up.  I’m not 100% sure where things go from here, but it’s nice to see Spidey and Carlie able to work together in the service of fighting crime.
  • X-Men Vol 3 #22 – The International action continues!  Action!!  A good guilty pleasure!


X-Factor #228
X-Factor #228


  • X-Club #1 – These are some “science bastards”.  I know this makes me love Doctor Nemesis as a character whereas before I didn’t really care about this dude that seemed to have TB (why else is he always wearing the mask?)
  • X-Factor #228 – Weighty stuff that’s probably awesome if you’ve been reading for a while.
  • Detective Comics #4 – The Dollmaker arc ends in an action-y blaze of glory.  Not much detective work, sadly as that’s my favorite part of Batman’s stories.
  • Huntress #3 – this mini-series is still very fun to read and I enjoyed the fact that Huntress finally had someone capable of fighting back.
  • Penguin #3 – I am loving this mini-series SO much!  You really, really need to be reading this.  It has some of the best macabre humor I’ve ever read!  Penguin comes off as a true, ruthless gangster.

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