Swamp Thing #4 was about as gory as a comic book can get nowadays

Swamp Thing #4 – I’m sad that Paquette wasn’t on art duties this month, but that didn’t stop the book from being the prettiest of the week.
Animal Man #4 – So grotesque all the time, but I’m intrigued with how this will tie in with Swamp Thing
Avenging Spider-Man #2 – Fantastic pencils, inking, and colors plus a lot of humor makes for a good book
Chew #22 – Speaking of humor…This book is the best series out there right now. Olive is a badass, guys.
Moon Knight # 8 – I still really love Maleev’s art on this. It’s so gritty and messy, but spectacular nonetheless.
X-23 #18 – I’m gonna miss this when it’s gone. Too bad Phil Noto isn’t still on it…

By Dan

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