Suicide Squad #6
Suicide Squad #6

  • X-Men Vol 3 #24 – deals with Jubilee being a vampire.  One of the better X-Men stories in a while.
  • Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega #2 – no one will listen to Quire and Wolverine’s out for blood
  • Huntress Vol 3 #5 – This miniseries reaches its climax and I’m afraid to say it’s not as awesome as it seemed it would be when it started
  • Suicide Squad #6 – got this because of the Harley story.  Every other part reminds me of why I dropped this book
  • Secret Avengers – Rick Remender’s got a very interesting story in his first full arc of Secret Avengers
  • Superboy Vol 5 #6 – he has a confrontation with Supergirl
  • Batman and Robin Vol 2 #6 – a GREAT book in this arc.  Really good job they’re doing with Damian.
  • Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #5 – this miniseries ends not quite as awesomely as it ran, but still a great ending and a great series overall.

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