FF #14FF #14

FF #14
FF #14

  • FF #14 – This issue continues where the last one left off with the kids, Doom, and Grey Reed facing off against The Celestials.  It also indirectly leads right into Fantastic Four #602.
  • Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #46 – The issue wavers in quality, but continues to tell a promising story.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Vol 2 #5 – I really came close to hating this story.  It’s once again using a similar plot as a Batman issue from the same month and not doing it in a compelling way
  • Justice League Vol 2 #5 – It’s still a middle-of-the-road book.  I’m awaiting the end of this story arc.
  • X-Men Legacy #261 – this issue does what I wish the Cyclops books (Uncanny, X-Me, etc) would do – advance the characters lives, emotions, etc in addition to having some action elements

Secret Avengers #21.1
Secret Avengers #21.1

  • Teen Titans Vol 4 #5 – They fight against Superboy.  At the end of this issue, I’m glad that’s finally over so we can see where Lobdell wants to take this book.
  • Secret Avengers #21.1 – Rick Remender takes over this book and I really love what he’s doing with it.  If next issue is just as good, I may have found a new book for my pull list.

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