Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #4
Nick Fury deals with the fallout of his first major defeat in this week's The Ultimates.

Pretty small comics week for me. All I had was the aforementioned Daredevil #6 and the two Marvel comics listed below. The end of Spider-Island was good for my pocketbook, but bad for comic excitement.

FF #12 – Despite sporting an art style that did not jive with me, FF #12 was a solid effort by Hickman yet again. I’m interested in seeing what this book becomes now that Fantastic Four seems to be ongoing again. How long can a book about the Future Foundation carry without Reed, Sue, Ben, and Spidey?

Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #4 – Man, I hadn’t even thought about relating the events in the Hawkeye mini-series to this book, but the letters section makes clear that The Children and The People are gonna find themselves in conflict…soon. I can’t wait to see how this all relates to Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Spidey too. Spider-Man is a little back in time, but I imagine these events won’t go unnoticed in that book for too much longer.

By Dan

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