FF #12FF #12
FF #12
FF #12

Unlike last week, this week was a very small release week for me.  It was all Marvel and it was mostly X-Men related.

  • Wolverine Vol 4 #19 – Wolverine’s adventures in Chinatown come to an end.  I enjoyed this issue more than the others in this arc.  I think it’s convinced me to keep this book on my radar.  I probably won’t be collecting it monthly, but I’ll check out future trades.
  • X-Men Legacy #259 – This book finally joins the rest of the X-books in the regenesis story line.  It’s the first X-Men legacy issue I’ve liked since they went to space.  I heard Mike Carey is leaving the book after this story arc so I wonder if it’s going to go off in a new direction.
  • FF #12 – This was an entertaining issue as can always be expected when Valeria and Doom are involved.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the pencilling in this issue.  I found it distracted me at points.  I did love the cover, by usual artist Steve Epting, though!

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