Morning Glories #14

This week’s got a really bittersweet taste to it with the cancellation of one of my favorites books, X-23. Let’s enjoy the last three issues we’ve got left, I suppose.

Morning Glories #14 – This book reminds me more and more of Lost each month I read it. Definitely not for kids due to tons of salty language, but this story gets more and more interesting the more I read it. I worry that I’ll never be able to use it in a POW because of how complex it is, but the next really great one I get I’m gonna try it.

X-23 #17 – Like I said earlier, this book has officially had its plug pulled by Marvel. It’s a real shame since I loved Marjorie Liu’s work on the title, but hopefully she’ll move on to cooler things at Marvel.

Ultimate X-Men #3 – Mostly a setup issue putting Jimmy Hudson (Wolverine’s kid) with Kitty, Bobby, Johnny, and Rogue. I was really excited about this book, but now I guess that excitement is being rewarded next month.

By Dan

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