Now that Spider-Island is over my pull list is getting smaller and smaller!

Batwoman #3 – Continues to be one of the best illustrated books I’m reading. I’m pretty interested to see where this arc is going since the villain is so secondary to anything going on. Digging all the plot and character development.

Avenging Spider-Man #1 – Joe Mads and Zeb Wells put together quite a fun book. Filled with great jokes and quips without overdoing it like Dan Slott combined with solid, dynamic art. The Thor in the Avengers panel was particularly well done. I’m excited about this new book.

Hack/Slash #1 – My comic shop gave me this book for free for being a loyal customer. Aside from embarrassingly exploitative art on the cover and within the pages, I actually kind of dug it. Too bad I can’t see myself buying it without feeling kind of ashamed of it, haha.

By Dan

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