Noir Comics PanelNoir Comics Panel

Noir has been a part of comics since the beginning of the medium. It has waxed and waned in popularity since its heyday in the 1930s and 40s, but there’s usually at least once book being published in the genre. At Baltimore Comic-Con this year, three noir comic creators were brought together to discuss what it means to them and how they use it in their work: Christy Blanch, Brian Azzerello, and John K Snyder III. This was a highly interactive panel, taking lots of audience questions (one of my favorite aspects of Baltimore Comic-Con). Enjoy!

By Eric Mesa

Eric was an avid comic reader in the late 1990s. He then took a hiatus from comic reading until 2011 when he dove head-first back into comics. Back in the 90s Eric only read Marvel comics although he loved Batman: The Animated Series. After a 2 year dalliance (2011-2013) with Marvel and DC, Eric now almost exclusively reads Image Comics.

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