Baltimore Comic-Con 2017: Image Comics “Your New Favorite Comic” Panel

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Join Andrew Maclean, Meredith Finch, Charles Soule, Nikki Ryan, and Justin Jordan to talk about new series they’re starting at Image. Two things emerged from this panel:

  1. These creators are fun people whose work I’d love to read
  2. These new books sound so great and creative – I can’t wait to read them.

Comic POW! readers will remember we covered Soule’s Letter 44 last year.

The Family Trade just came out this week! You can buy it here and one of the best things about Image Comics is that their digital comics are DRM-free! YOU OWN THEM! And Image Comics respects your rights! (So, of course, respect their awesome DRM-free choice by not uploading to file-sharing networks)

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