Sebastian Jones of Stranger Comics

People trying to get you to come to their table at Comic-Con say all kinds of things. Sometimes it’s funny and other times it’s witty. But not many people in the booths can mention that their comic involves Sean Bean. But that was what I overheard them saying at the Stranger Comics booth. I was enticed. So I came over and they talked about a shared universe across a bunch of different titles, each with compelling stories and characters. Who were these guys? You don’t really see shared universe at these tiny indie publishers. Heck, even Image barely does anything like that outside of a few events to mark anniversaries of books or of the publisher. Dynamite is the only indie I can think of that routinely does these sorts of things, and they’re pretty big compared to Stranger Comics. They told me to come by the next day and speak with Seb, who was both the founder and the author on many of the books. It was a very interesting discussion.

We here at Comic POW! have copies of the books and you can expect an article on them in the future.

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