Michael Rowe Spotlight at Baltimore Comic-Con 2016Michael Rowe Spotlight at Baltimore Comic-Con 2016

Christy Blanch, who Comic POW! readers will know as the writer of The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood and the professor behind the MOOC that led to the redesign of this site, was the moderator for all the spotlight panels at Baltimore Comic-Con 2016. If you haven’t seen her moderate a panel at BCC, you’re in for a treat. Ms Blanch has a talent for keeping the conversation going thanks to her research and her ability to key in on the right questions to ask the panelists.

This time around it was Newfoundland’s own son, Michael Rowe, known for his role as Deadshot in the CW’s Arrow and The Flash. At the panel he spoke of his time in a band, playing Deadshot, comparing his Deadshot to Will Smith’s Deadshot in Suicide Squad, and a certain ninja-project with Valiant that you may remember people asking lots of questions about from my coverage of the Valiant 101 panel.

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