John Layman and Rob Guillory at Baltimore Comic-ConJohn Layman and Rob Guillory at Baltimore Comic-Con

On the first day of Baltimore Comic-Con I was able to score two awesome interviews – John Layman and Rob Guillory of Chew. In order to allow them to man their table, I conducted two separate interviews. In this interview we discuss the significance of Tony Chu’s race, Applebee’s hate for Chu, and John Layman’s favorite way to eat chicken.

While I’ve been waiting for the end of Chew to give it the full Comic POW! treatment, Dan and I did cover it a couple times early in Comic POW! history when we used to do the Weekly POW!s:

Week 11: Batman #5 vs Chew #23

Week 18: Chew #31 vs Saga Chapter Nine

One thought on “Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 Day 1: Interview with John Layman”
  1. […] There are other great aspects to Chew, including the fact that the protagonist is Asian. There is a distinct lack of Asians in American mainstream comics. Oh, there are a few second-string characters like Karma (Xi’an Coy Manh) of the X-Men, but for the Asian-American comic book fan there aren’t many heroes to see oneself in. And of those, there even fewer who aren’t martial arts masters. In fact, continuing on Layman’s eschewing of Asian stereotypes, there’s the Chu family. One gets the distinct impression that the Chu family has been in America for at least a couple generations, so the family is mostly no-different that the average American family. You can hear about Layman’s reasons for creating an Asian-American protagonist in the interview I conducted with him at the 2016 Baltimore Comic-Con. […]

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