X-Men Legacy #260.1X-Men Legacy #260.1

X-Men Legacy #260.1
X-Men Legacy #260.1

  • X-Men Legacy #260.1 – Rogue and team head to Wolverine’s school to work security.  They struggle with the idea of keeping the kids from having the X-Men childhood they did.  The book leaves Mike Carey’s hands, but Christos Gage does a good job with his first issue.
  • Superboy Vol 5 #5 – a little more forward momentum on the story, but not much
  • Magneto: Not A Hero #3 – this mini-series continues to explore how Magneto has and hasn’t evolved over the years.  Depending on how it ends next month, could be something I recommend for the trades
  • Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #677 – the start of a short crossover with Daredevil.  It’s a fun story and I’m curious to see how it ends

Batwoman #5
Batwoman #5

  • Batwoman #5 – which Dan selected for his POW! entry
  • Batman and Robin Vol 2 #5 – this story is really starting to pick up and the next issue seems like it will prove to be a pivotal moment in Bruce and Damian’s relationship
  • X-Factor Vol 3 #230 – This book continues to grow on me.  The team deals with Guido’s lack of a soul and Layla Miller doesn’t know something for once!  Reading this issue really makes me want to go back and get the trades.

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