Seriously, this comic has some awesomely gross art.

The Defenders #2 – Remains the funniest mainstream book I’ve been regularly keeping up with. Lots of fun.

X-23 #20 – I thought this was the last issue, but apparently it’s the penultimate. Pretty good friendship issue between Laura and Jubilee. It was an absolute joy to have Phil Noto back.

Irredeemable #33 – The crossover event continues. What a stupid-crazy last page! I almost don’t like it because of how out of left field it was. It’s gonna mean neat things for the story.

Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega #1 – My comic shop gave this to me for free. My favorite word to describe it: yawn. My god was this just meh.

Swamp Thing #5 – This would have been my selection if I wasn’t trying to get new comics in as much as I am. Superb comic with Paquette’s beautiful art. I keep trying to lend these to Eric, but he’s waiting for trade. Dude, just read then in Dan paperback!

Animal Man #5 – So gross, but I love it. The art is grotesque and weird and it seems like it’s about to cross over with Swamp Thing. Lots of fun.

By Dan

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