Baltimore Comic-Con Day 3: Diversity in Comics Panel

Diversity in media and comics might be controversial on the Internet, but at Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 it was the most highly attended panel (not counting the celebrity panels). A segment of the writing staff from Pop Culture Uncovered led a panel discussing diversity in comics: where do we stand now and what can we do to fix it? It was not only the best attended panel, it was also the most interactive. People really have a yearning for comics to catch up to society in terms of demographics and storylines. But, as discussed in the panel, this is easier said than done – at least among the Big Two who are owned by large corporations and not as nimble as the indie comic companies.

I often felt during this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con that the panels were over too quickly. But with this one, we could have gone all day and only touched the surface.

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 3: Interview with Ryan Fisher

Out of tragedy was born an all ages book to help both kids and adults deal with tragedy. Join me in my discussion with Ryan Fisher about his comic, Torchlight Lullaby, and whether we underestimate the ability of kids to deal with heavy emotions.

If that interview has you jonesing for more Torchlight Lullaby, then head on over to his website:

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 2: Interview with the Best in Show Costume Contest winner

I’m jumping ahead to the ultimate costume contest winner because I have nearly 1000 photos to go over for the costume contest main post and I didn’t want to hold up all the rest of the Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 content. There will be a future post with some video and photos of all the contestants. There will also be a post for non-contest cosplay as the final post for the event.

It’s been a couple years since I last saw the costume contest at Baltimore Comic-Con. I love the artistry on display, but it often conflicts with other panels. This year, the timing worked out and I’m so glad I attended and saw Mangoloo’s entry. This 23 year-old, plucky bundle of energy took the top prize in the show for the professional category with her cosplay of Tina Tina from Borderlands. For comparison purposes, here’s how the character looks in the game:

Tina Tina from Borderlands
Tina Tina from Borderlands


And here’s Mangoloo as Tiny Tina on stage:


The Vienna, VA costumed wonder has been cosplaying for three years and this is her new and improved version of Tiny Tina. For her extra work, she netted $1000 this year.

If you want even more cosplay from Mangoloo, check out her Tumblr and her Facebook page.

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 2: Kevin Eastman Spotlight

Kevin Eastman is responsible for creating the characters that ended up in the cartoon show I was obsessed with as a kid. I spent every dollar I could find on the toys. I saw all three of the 1990s movies. Later, as an adult, I learned it had been a comic book that was set up as a parody of Daredevil and other comic tropes. So it was a no-brainer that I had to attend this spotlight panel.

In this video we learn the origins of The Turtles, how it spiraled out into the multiple franchises it is today, and what else Mr Eastman is doing in the comic cook world.

Images used within the video:

Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 Day 2: Kristian Nairn (Hodor) Spotlight

When I first started watching Game of Thrones I hadn’t read the books yet and I had no idea that a mentally impaired character who only said one word, “Hodor”, would become such an emotional storyline for this series mostly involving intrigue and war.

At Baltimore Comic-Con’s spotlight panel we were able to meet Kristian Nairn, the actor  behind Hodor. At the panel he spoke about his love of World of Warcraft, his time on the set with the actor who plays Bran, learning of the world’s reaction to his big episode in season 6, and being involved in the music scene.

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 2: Michael Rowe Spotlight

Christy Blanch, who Comic POW! readers will know as the writer of The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood and the professor behind the MOOC that led to the redesign of this site, was the moderator for all the spotlight panels at Baltimore Comic-Con 2016. If you haven’t seen her moderate a panel at BCC, you’re in for a treat. Ms Blanch has a talent for keeping the conversation going thanks to her research and her ability to key in on the right questions to ask the panelists.

This time around it was Newfoundland’s own son, Michael Rowe, known for his role as Deadshot in the CW’s Arrow and The Flash. At the panel he spoke of his time in a band, playing Deadshot, comparing his Deadshot to Will Smith’s Deadshot in Suicide Squad, and a certain ninja-project with Valiant that you may remember people asking lots of questions about from my coverage of the Valiant 101 panel.

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 1: The Pulp Roots of Comics Panel

As the first day of Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 came to a close, some comic writing luminaries got together to discuss how pulp fiction (the genre, not the 1990s movie) inspired them and set the foundation for the comic book industry in the USA.

Paul Levitz on Pulp Roots of Comics panel
Paul Levitz on Pulp Roots of Comics panel
Howard Chaykin at Pulp Roots of Comics Panel
Howard Chaykin at Pulp Roots of Comics Panel