Interview with Will and Kurt of Crom the Barbarian

Readers of my personal blog will be familiar with my feelings on copyright maximalism. Basically, I think it does our country and our society a huge disservice to have copyrights last so long. When works go into the public domain, they are available for society to remix and reuse the same way that Disney has made so much money reinterpreting stories collected by the Brothers Grimm.

Will and Kurt are taking a character, Crom the Barbarian, who has fallen out of copyright, and resurrecting him with new stories. This is a work of passion for Kurt, who grew up with these stories. Instead of being lost to the dustbin of the past, these stories will be reborn!

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 2: Interview with Kristy and Kat of Square City Comics

This year, more than any other, I was aware of the continuity on which exist independently published comics. On one end stand the creator-owned publishers like Image, Dynamite, IDW, and Boom (although the latter three certainly also publish books from licensed properties). Somewhere in the middle are creatives like Kata Kane of Altar Girl (see here and here). At the other end of the spectrum are the creatives working in the Square City Comics collective. These are the indie comics that remind me of Brandon Graham’s early work (and I don’t necessarily mean the erotica). The samples I leafed through covered every topic and style – in a way that those without any marketing department can. There is a special aesthetic that comes through in these comics. As you can see in the interview, those in the collective span the gamut of personalities and story ideas.

As they mentioned, they’re also working on a kickstarter for their book The Cure with 14 creators working on 9 stories about what the world would be like if you didn’t have to die. Looks quite interesting.

The Future of IDW Panel

There were lots of great reveals during the IDW panel including:

  • Walter Simonson will be continuing his Thor story, Ragnarok. I’d never heard of it, but the artwork looked stunning and his description of the plot made me want to pick up the trade for the first arc.
  • James Tynion IV will be writing the book in which Batman meets up with the Ninja Turtles. He explained how he had to make sure to service the story rather than write pure fan service, but he seemed to have so much enthusiasm about the project that I can’t help but expect good things.
  • Just in time for the theatrical re-release, IDW will be releasing a Back to the Future comic. I asked the marketing guy afterwards when it takes place, but that’s currently a secret.
  • Finally, they will be doing some reprints of the Marvel Star Wars materials in a special edition that lets readers see the rough drafts of the comic.

Unfortunately, my video equipment malfunctioned, so all I have is audio, but enjoy – there are some good, juicy stories in here.

Dynamite: The Next 10 Years

Comic POW! readers will know that ever since last year, I’ve been fascinated by Dynamite and their stable of pulp licensed properties. It’s interesting that there’s a combination of timelessness to the stories while at the same time many of them certainly have a time and place in which they belong. For example, Mark Waid’s Green Hornet takes place in the 1940s and Hornet definitely works well in that time period, but the story is imminently enjoyable in the present.

Here are some of the takeaways from the panel:

  • Ron Marz,  who spoke of how important John Carter was to him growing up said: “I’ll do John Carter until they pry it off my cold, dead hands”
  • Warren Ellis will be writing James Bond book. We learned how tangled the rights on that are and how much we are to applaud Dynamite for getting this done.
  • In January Red Sonja, Deja Theris, and Vampirella relaunch with Gail Simone leading the ideas.
  • Rick Rememder, whose stories I love, has a story called Devolution coming.
  • Seduction of the Innocents evokes the EC comics style. Based on the other panels they’ve done this year and last year, I think Mark Waid and Christy Blanch would love to read this book.


Baltimore Comic-Con Day 1: Interview with Ireland Reid

Cosplay is such a fascinating form of self expression. While I know only a few people who put more than a couple hours thought into their Halloween costumes, cosplayers spend months to years working on costumes. There will be a massive cosplay gallery here on Comic POW! near the end of the coverage in which you’ll see some of the great costumes that people have made.

With Ireland Reid, as with many other cosplayers, this is an expression of something she’s wanted to do since she was a little kid. It is a way for her to showcase her love of comics and her love of creation all at once. Watch our interview to learn more about what drives her to do this professionally. (She does mention she has a M-F job, but there is no doubt in my mind that Ms Reid is also a professional when it comes to cosplay)


Baltimore Comic-Con Day 1: Interview with Liz DeJesus

At the convention I had the pleasure of speaking with Liz DeJesus, a prolific author, who has written comics, books, and short stories. Her stories often contain Fairy Tale or Supernatural elements. Her book series, of which the first is First Frost, stood out to me as a great example of a book using Fairy Tale stories to explore a mother/daughter relationship.

Baltimore Comic-Con Day 3 Liveblog

It’s the final day of the convention. I’ve seen so many incredible costumes and spoken to so many great people about their projects. Today is the final day to experience all the wonder of this mid-Atlantic comic mecca. I still have 9 more videos to produce and post and that doesn’t count whoever I speak with today. So make sure to keep coming back for the next couple weeks.


Ooh man, got to ask Scott Snyder my big question and just had a great interview with James Tynion IV. Today is going great!


#bcc2015 is over, but the coverage here at Comic POW! is just beginning. I got lots of interviews and they’ll be posted as fast as u can get them produced and rendered.


Congrats to all the Harvey winners, including lumber JaneS #bcc2015


In addition to all the Indy creators I want to speak to today my dream wish list includes Mark Waid, James Tynion the 4th, and Scott Snyder